Before their weddings, good boys play men and are patiently hunting for kisses on their cheeks from the
random female passers-by in Laisvės Avenue. If you are not impressed by such a bachelor or birthday party scenario, we are here to help you get some serious action. A celebration at Playhouse is much more than enjoying an erotic performance by a sexy girl. The element of play is reflected in our club’s name so we are ready to discuss a special programme suited to your occasion. Rather than offering template evening packages, we can tailor the event theme and its programme to your desires. Pole Dance PRO performances will give your friends a truly seductive experience. We can also arrange a special attire for our dancers to make your fantasies come true. A policewoman or a sexy nurse – these are just a few of the characters our strippers can role play. Want something edgier? Be ready to try our fetish party. What happens in Playhouse, stays in Playhouse.